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they r like roses they smell so good and can have the softest touch., their beauti can cause so much deistrustion but at the same time turn the world into much more then it is .  and as  u make love 2 them its like the world stans still and n that little amount of time as u gaze into her eyes and ur lips touches hers u relize that your craven for her could never be stronger  then now  ,as  u begin to make love to her u notcie dat her screams are gettin louder and she is loseing  control ur mind and ur boby wats u 2 go faster and as u go deeper and faster she begins 2 call u names and speak n tounge and tears begin 2 form n her eyes because ur hitn that spot and as it comes 2 an end u relize that u hav just made love with a women

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