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Earthly Angel

i can see you in the darkness
your sweet love pulls me down
and nobody would have guessed it
you're the smile upon my frown
we situate our bodies
until you're laying beneath my arms
heads are turning, eyes are open
we set off musical alarms
i bury my face within your hair
take in scents so heaven worth
i'm lost inside your angelic body
not as perfect without her
flaming arrows surround us
shot off by the weak and betrayed
jealous friends filled with envy
like they hope someday we'll fade
we close our eyes from all the trouble
and my hand brushes your face
melodical tunes escape my mouth
sing you to sleep inside this perfect place
as you doze off into your own dream world
my fairytale's complete
baby, you're my earthly angel
so delicate and so sweet

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