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She's Gone

how do you stand there
too scared to walk
and when time's gone
you're too scared to talk
you want redemption
but can't talk to God
don't know how, where to start
just seems so hard
and this life is failing
blue skies are hailing
at you

how do you stand there
can't even see straight
you swear and kick things
"forgive me!"...."it's too late."
road to recovery is plated
with clouds of elated fantasy
skies of the broken is haunted
but your heart is lost and found to me
and this life is fading
sunshine is decaying
it's true

i can't fathom the proud
can't retain the weak
i've been locked in a heartbreak
so please take a seat
enjoy my broken show
scream but please don't go
what's what? i don't know
in this house of my own echo
i hear,
"she's gone.."

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