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things i love about you
The things I love about you
You make me smile wifout trying
Your always there when I jus feel like lying
Down all day and crying in ma pillow
You tell me yull never leave dat ull never go
Ur love is amazing kind of breath taking
I fell in love when I first met you you had my mind racing
I was in amazement
I mean I kudent help but fall in
I fell before but never fell so gently when
I was made ur girl
Made your wife
Made ur babygirl
Made ur life
I love your smile it makes me gleam
I love yur voice It puts me to sleep
I love yur thugish ways it turns me on
I love yur freaky ways & how yu always wanna give me some
I love yur eyes the shape and the color
There not plain at all to me there a wonder
Your body takes my breathe away
And your heart makes me stay
I love yu when  ur at ur worse & I love yu on ur good days
I loved yu on the 23 of october in 08
& Ill love yu any year any month every date
No matta how muxh shyt yu do ill be there to the end
Even if yur answer is no tomorrow my love ill always send
And my heart is forever yurs soon it'll be mark in ink
Right across my chest your name and mine linked !

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