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leayahmakesriots & ellafarworth - chapter one :]

Of course he was a bully. He was the big brother. He had to fit the picture, right? Atleast, thats what the big brothers on TV did; pick on the younger brothers. So when Jason found a total reason to make his little brother, Andrew, upset he went for it. If it went from tying all of Andrew's shoes together or to spilling the chocolate pudding on the new rug and blaming it on him, Jason went for it. It made him a good big brother, right?

Without little thought Jason came up with the ultimate prank to play on Andrew. Switching the sugar with the salt. So when Andrew went to put sugar on his cereal he'd be in for a surprise.

The next morning Jason got up just a little bit early to switch the sugar. He climbed up on the chair to get to the cabnit. As he looked in the cabnit, he found alot of different substances. One had a cross bone on it. He thought to himself, that Andrew would make a face like that once he tasted a sour cereal. Jason reached for the substance with the cross bone on it...

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