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I'm Not Superman

I'm sorry I can't pick you up
I just can't pick up myself
I'm sorry I'm never there
And when I am I'm no help
I can't take this anymore
I keep hurting you now
Why can't I do this right?
I can't keep letting you down

How many times will this happen?
When I lock you out of my life
Even if its a day or two
I know you're not alright
But I don't come back
I don't let you in
I keep kicking you down
When will this end?

I'm sorry I can't save you
I just can't save myself
I'm sorry I never catch you
And when I do theres always something else
To get me to drop you
Back to where you were
Why can't I do this right?
All I do is bring you hurt

When will I stop?
When will you see?
That as long as I'm around
You'll never be free
When will things be fine?
When will things change?
I know I'm not alright
But I just want you okay

I'm sorry I can't fix you
Because I can't fix me
I'm sorry I'm not the best
I can ever be
Once I'm strong
Maybe we'll see
But for now
I have to take care of me

Tags: love

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