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It Takes Time
Most people try so hard to find that special someone instead of waiting like they should! They dont understand that  you will have many frogs and everyone isn't a Prince. Some people want to be with a person so bad that they make themselves believe that he or she is the one for me! Trust when you find that person YOU WILL KNOW! dont get upset when someone you thought was the one breaks your trust because at least they let you know before it was too late! If you know you are with someone and they think that everything is ok and you know its not dont waste thier time letting them think everything is sweet when its sour! If You know that it isnt working why give yourself a headache if you know it cant be fixed! dont have one person hoping that the love will come back when you know it is long gone because life is to short for you to play with sumones emotions and not even have any regard for them to end a relationship that isnt there in the first place! AND PEOPLE CHANGE THIER MINDS!!!! Just because they were in love with you last year does not mean they feel the same way now! Feelings change and people change so dont be too dissapointed just move on! BUT!!!! I am not telling you that some things cant be worked out but if you know its no more hope then stop wasting people time!!!!

Tags: visonary

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