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For a hundred years Vampires, Werewolves and other creatures have been at war with the Celestians, tired of being hunted down and killed by the Celestians. The war started. This was about the pure race scared of being infected with the creatures disease. The Celestians wanted to be the purest race and had strict ideas and beliefs.

Jan Lee a Vampire had enough and rebelled against their beliefs. Jan Lee was a tall and dark man jet black hair spiked upon his head giving more reason for the Celestians not to like him, they though of him as a scruff and even if he was born of pure race they would have never accepted him. The rebels were then formed after Jan Lee had gathered people from across the wasteland to where they had been banished to and were slowly being killed off by the Celestians. Queen Annoiyn the leader of the Brights was a Celestian who ruled with an iron fist she enforced the killings and banishing of the rebels. Queen Annoiyn had blonde hair and was as pale as snow she was a model to the Celestians and the purest of all. Jan Lee and the Queen tired of negotiating started a war between the two groups and this war was to be known as the great war of Talland.

This is where the story begins. Jan Lee a vampire full of youth and vigour had just come out of a meeting with the

Rebel Thinkers. Thinkers are people who advise they are the second wisest beings. Sorcerers being the wisest but they were not allowed to get involved the convent agreed that involving the Sorcerers would result in massacre.


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