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You Are My Everything

You're my role model;
you're suppose to be the one I look up to
and want to be
you're suppose to be a good influence
and teach me to believe
I can be as great as you
you're suppose to care
and lead me in the right path
you're suppose to be there
so why do you teach me its okay to make mistakes?

You're my best friend;
we're suppose to be friends forever
and stick together always
we're suppose to share secrets
you're suppose to make things okay
and help me out
and offer advice
you're suppose to stick up for me
and make things alright
so where are you now?

You're my family;
we're suppose to be close
and let me spend time with you
we're suppose to talk
you're suppose be the one I can turn to
and support me
and help me when I'm in need
you're suppose to be the ones
who actually love me
so why can't you accept me?

You're my hero;
you're suppose to be here when I need saving
catch me before I fall
you're suppose to be my hand to hold
be the one who gives it all
you're suppose to be the only one
that I can lean on
you're suppose to hold me up
when things go wrong
so why do you turn your back?

I am myself
the only one I have left

Tags: sadness

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