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To The Girl Who Sits Beside Me

To the girl I was just sitting by in class...

Head down
Tears fall
I ask whats wrong
You spill it all
Tragedy and pain
You try to hold on
Though it hurts too much
You slip when things go wrong
You want to smile
And actually mean it
They look past your stories
And the lines and whats in between it
No one cares
Thats what you tell yourself
Hide behind a mask
Because you just want someone else
Beside that blade
To comfort you
You try so hard
But you fail when you do
I know it takes
A little time to mend
I know you're wishing
For a new freind
So I may not know you
But I've seen this part
A scar carved
Embeded in your heart
And what happened to you
One cannot forget
And you're looking for love
Still haven't found it yet
But hold on
Just believe
Life will get better
Once you learn to breathe
Don't hold it in
Try to cope
Things will get better
If only you have hope

Tags: sadness

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