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geni,grant me my ultimate wish
geni my angel grant me the ultimate wish,something so precious that i know will never be missed,your style is so amazing it's obvious you live in a world of bliss,if i can just ask you to grant my first desire,i wish for my love to set my soul on fire,give me something real that i know i can feel,and i know this is a contract so im ready to sign the deal,give me life,so that i can live it,give me spirit so that i can learn to receive but also give it,if it was up to me,please,don't let me change my values,don't let me go astray,keep me on the path that is ahead of me,don't let me change my ways,keep me focuse,keep my mind clear and calm,let my words flow freely like the perfect melody to the perfect song,i know that i was gifted to have you,you showed me that things can be so fun,that i don't want this happiness to parish,keep this beauty,make it last forever,so i can cherish it forever more,keep it bliss,keep it heavenly in the clouds so that it can soar,this beauty continues on this day,and i pray that it stays on forever more,my second wish,please let my words tell a story and i can hold the way of how i feel in this life,let me stay in the right state of mind,and not let me base anything on a price,and my final wish is to be true to others as well as myself,cause to me thats the greatest gift for expanding my wealth,do this for me my geni,give me something i can't miss,for your beauty,geni,grant me my ultimate wish. 

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