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5 Words

5 Words
There's one last time,
One more time to hear those words,
All in the same sentence.
It kills me every time I hear it,
And my mind starts to hurt.
Nobody ever feels my pain,
And nobody understands me.
I get made fun of for being me.
How would you feel if you were in my position,
Getting judged because of what you wear?
I can't change,
I won't change,
And that may be a problem for some.
I don't want to be complimented,
For being something I'm not.
I don't want to be insulted,
For who I am.
It doesn't make sense to me,
How people are so ignorant,
Especially of my feelings.
It doesn't make sense to me,
Of how I have to be something I'm not,
Just to fit in,
Or fit someone's social standards,
Or to be loved.
There is no one,
Who will ever understand me,
Not even me.
There's always going to be things I don't understand,
And those things are unexplainable.
I need a break,
Just one pause in time,
Where I can get away from all these people.
The ones who don't understand me.
The ones who hate me.
The ones who make fun of me.
Just a break from everyone.
To get out of this place,
Where ignorance is alive,
Would be the best thing in the world.
But I don't think that will ever happen,
I won't get a break from the ignorance,
I won't ever understand,
I won't ever be understood.
Am I who I am?
Do you accept me for who I am?
And last but not least,
What are those 5 words?

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