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die mothafucka die
Listen. you're a liar with your lyingness
im a lion you're a lioness, try and diss
Im the shit why shouldn't you buy my disc
chorus better than that choir shit
im higher than mariahs shit
punk pussy pedophile pet a child
get a knife inside you repeatedly while you're set on fire
This shit'll make your heartbeat skip
you're offbeat quick
im often sick kickin the rawest shit
Pimpin the hottest bitch
sittin on top a cliff
sippin on shots of vodka and a lot of it

i clown work like a circus job
i'm coming to your cubicle soon you'll be getting worker's comp
im nasty as heck and im grabbin the tech
watch as my nine gives you eyes in the back of your head
call me david blaine cuz i'm fly in the streets
im raw and uncut like kanye beats
but i'm straight dope i don't con yay yo
its funny im all money like a peso
why wait, i haze cops then i cop haze
dont believe in vampires but i always got Bladea

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