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Heres a line for you
Its what you wanted, right?
Another thing to keep us froming getting along
You wanted another fight
Then when its over
The fingers point towards me
And all the while you're asking
Why I wanna leave
Are you fucking blind?
I'm making it clear
I want you gone
I'm sick of you near
You telling me you have no clue what I'm talking about
Then its obvious you're dumb as fuck
Get away
You're officially out of luck
Don't come to me
With tears in your eyes
Because we all know how you act
Its not a suprise
Don't say its my fault
When I haven't said a word
I'm sick of this shit
Haven't you learned?!
Yeah, thanks for the memories
I won't soon forget
Thanks for the problems
Are you done bringing me down yet?

Tags: friendship

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