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Too Young To Be A Mom

She sits in that dark corner
And tries to dry her eyes
She doesn't want her little siblings to know
That she cries
She has to be strong for them
Since mommy is never there
She has to play the mother figure
Since mommy never cares
Bringing home those bad men
Who fills the childrens head with nightmares throughout the night
Knowing the routine
As he treats mommy nice at first then they fight
Each night its a different man
They all turn out the same
Abusing mommy
Calling her cruel names
How can such a young girl stay strong
For these little kids
When everything goes wrong
She wants out of her life
But she knows she can't leave the rest
She wants to run away with them
Because their current home isnt the best
So she crawls out of the corner
Once her eyes are dry
Taking a deep breath
And continueing this terrible life...

Tags: family

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