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Wheres Your Answer

Agonize pain convulse crusify excruciate
Distress upset wound harrow lacerate
Anguish hurtful afflictive torturous sore
You keep listing these words more and more
I'm finding it hard to believe that such a young girl
With a big vocabulary could live in such a cruel world
I can't even look you in the eye
Because each time I do I see the tears you try to hide
You're breaking
You're aching
You can't breathe
You're praying to God this pain will leave

Wheres your answer?

Discontent vexation dissatiffaction despair uncheerfulness
Desperation hopeless misery wretchedness
Unhappy haggard disconsolate
How old are you again, this shouldn't be your fate
You're out there looking for so much more
You're praying to God to heal this tore

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Tags: religion

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