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as far as love goes i fuck hoes and bounce.

the car, the love sof, tuck toes in mouths.

your girls not gettin fed if she ain't spreadin thighs.

if i ain't beatin she ain't eatin, let em know ahead'a time.

rap is my platform to make extreme sexy time.

don't let me rhyme, sets of dimes'll ask to excercise.

no sweat, i just bang out like i love my clothes red.

if the ho bled, i don't have to worry.

ask the jury. they should lock me just for touchin em young.

cut open the mattress, every young buck'll get sprung.

i ain't molestin em, just teachin em my true feelings.

put em on a natural high, til the apartment needs new ceilings.

oh, you squealing? snitchin to my main girl.

blood boils and veins twirl, niggas get rocked like wayne's world.

angel in my eyes, i need to build with you.

pissy drunk, my muscles don't have the will to move.



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