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music devotion
tell me where is the guy whose smile lights the whole room. havent found him yet but i hope i do soon. the one who sees past the mic and hype that consumes me and life cause for him id make room. im tired of the same story i wanna turn the page but you cant save someone till yourself feels saved. ive been at the bottom of the bottom and i think i wanna change. my wings have grown so much i dont even fit in my cage. take me, hurt me, love me, break me repeat the cycle once again and question how much we can take. Yea the pieces are tattered but i swear i got a good heart. I wanna listen to you breath and quote you on the good parts. i have so much love and desire im ready for a new start but i dont even think you see me because without your smile its too dark. Now i dont wanna try and justify a poetic hiphop release. i just hope that if your out there you feel this i should have wrote this whole rhyme in CAPS..


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