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Here stands your man
He sits on the bed, a wishful stare,
Wishing that his boy was there,
Remembering his last great year,
The words whispered in his ear,
For here stood his man,
In his sexiest pair of spongebob pants,
And a silent smile from ear to ear,
And a gaze that took you far from here,
A few weeks passed, he's out the door,
You can't love him anymore,
He's passed out on the bathroom floor,
He tries to whisper, "I'm not yours"
Here lies your man,
He's far too drunk to even stand,
You stand wishing for something more,
To save the man you still adore,
A half  year later, you try again,
He finally seems to fix his head,
You lay down on his bed,
And laugh as his face turns red,
Here lies your man,
Feeling safe as he grasps your hands,
And looks at you with bedroom eyes,
And lips that only tantalize,
A year has passed, things have changed,
He begins to act real strange,
Arrested selling his cocaine,
And now your baby stands in chains,
And here stands your man,
No longer rockin his Spongebob pants,
With metal chains around his hands,
He begs for "JUST ONE MORE CHANCE!!!"
And there stood your man,
He breaks down by the witness stand,
You can no longer hold your tears,
Just to hear him whisper in your ear....

Tags: nostalgia

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