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What I Am

When it comes down to it
I let them think what they want.
And if they care enough to bother with what I do,
Then I'm already better than them anyway.
-Marylin Monroe

I am mature beyond my years but I am still only 14

I will do my best to provoke you...
provoke your anger, your smile, your tears and your thoughts

I am kind yet I utter cruel words

My saturday is as likely to consist of staying home
as it is going out

I love life, laughing & fun

I love the passing glances

and smiles between strangers

that show a momentary a connection

that give us hope there is an angel for each of us

I try to describe myself with words & poems

to write and rewrite myself

I am everything and nothing

I am deep as I am shallow

strange as I am average

smart as I am dumb

confidant as I am terrified

confusing as I'm simple

but more than anything

I am me



And I am perfectly imperfect like that <3<3

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