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Take me
Trevor S
Hurt me, abuse me, suck me in and spit me out, like the good old days. Where your care for me was equal to that of a snakes care for a baby rat.  Hurt me abuse me, lie to me and make my pupils a river for weeks on end, with no resolution on the horizon. Hurt me, abuse me, tease me and lead me on as you had for months at a time with no remorse or guilt for anything. Hurt me, abuse me,  torture me with your mind games, and your evil gifts, and your manipulative consoling in over qualified mammals who you'll disregard and breakdown as you have to I.   Hurt me, abuse me, rape my mind until I'm nothing but a shell human being living in a mansion of dreams fuled by earths chemical, necessary evils. Hurt me, abuse me for the nostalgic effect of the only non-related relationship I've ever become within ear-shot of. Hurt me, abuse me, save me from the people who's existence is only noticeable through the tear-blue eyes in which I inherited from a seemingly non-existent ancestor. Love me, refuse my ideals and my life, and destroy my future.

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