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Walking the Lonely Street.
Bradley Hoare
He walked along the moonlit street, kicking pebbles at his feet. He walked along the moonlit street, thinking, contemplating their defeat. He wanted a sign, a ray of hope, that his one faint dream wouldn’t end in hope. That what he thought, and what she thought, were not in the minds of people mis-taught. They needed an answer, they needed the truth, they needed something which, to them, was proof. That what they’d thought, and what they’d said, was something real, and they’d not been misled. After all this time, back at her door, about to knock, but then heard a roar. He peered through the window, into her house, and saw her there, with her brand new spouse. He felt he’d been cheated, off the one thing they craved, and inside he started to melt, and in his heart caved. He left her street, her lonely street, thinking, contemplating their defeat. He walked along the moonlit street. but this time, nothing at his feet. No pebble, no stone, no place to call home, thrown into his own little world, all alone. Fearing the next day, when he sees them together, joking and laughing, having fun together. Looking at each other, into their eyes, but he could see something, deceit and lies. She didn’t want him, she doesn’t love him, but for the one that she loves, her true next of kin. They couldn’t be together, although it was true, in love together, all the way through and through. Trapped in a world, where they can’t just be free, themselves together, no worries, just free. But everyone judges, and does their worst, to make sure they get, their comments in first. About what they are, and where they should go, all their insults and jibes, make them feel o so low. So they decided it would be better, and simpler too, if they parted, and went their separate ways too. So out they went, both on their own, and parted ways, with a sad groan. For it was the end, it wasn’t to last, it was over to quick, went o so fast. So they smiled at each other, and got in their cars, not saying goodbye, but just au revoir.

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