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"The Peculiar Cari"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Cari The Fruit Full Berry, Fee Fly The Foe Fairy, To Much, So Thumb Not The Tarry To Visions Of What's To Come And Such, Pena Coladas With The Red Juicy Cherry As The Touch." "Karen Brightly Colored In The Blue Heavens Like As The Red Barons, Flying In Heights As A Lullaby Of Might's." Kari, Cary, Lovely And Merry, Kerry Single And Married, Bird Full Speech's And Friends Were Sharing." "Don't Let Them Wisk You Away To Betray, Your A Gift Like The Sun To Day, When Dullness Meets A Colorful Gay, Or A Car Freshly Bought And Driven Away." Thank You Cari For Spending Time With Me...

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