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"The Preacher"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Felt Tip Pen Ready To Make The Earth Spin That Holds The Ecuador, The Division Of Life, A War Of Efforts Circulation Opportunity." " A Adams Apple Hung From A Tree Spoken As We Breathe, The Body Promotes Life As The Wind To Let Us Be." "Than Fire Spoken Across The Land, Pulpit Gripped By The Power Of Thy Hand, God Before The Disobedient Man." "Stand Oh Preacher Anointed Before God, Dance And Act The Goodness And Rod." "The Mouth Is Full Of Thy Word And Heaven The Song Of Thy Bird, Even In The Deepest Of Hell, Hope Can Still Be Heard For Them Condemned." "The Pews Are The Seats That Holds The Presented Before God And Eternity, The Preacher Speaks From The Tongue Sternly, The Soul Is Loved Given Rest And Its Next Journey." "These Are A Thesis Sermon Sermonizing A Message Made Mesmerizing To The Believing Believer, A Hearing And Seer, Freedom To Even Freer." "I Am The Preacher To Preach A Expert At Our Reach And Your Time To Be Beseeched To Each, Or Of, A Answer By Fire, Love, Praises From Above." "Beautiful Are My Feet With The Key To Eternity And The Pulpit Of A New Heaven The Poor Soul I Meet."

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