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"They Tipped Me Off Now I'm Known Only To Find My True Friends Being Shown." "Tipped Off At The Size Of The Loft, Future Concepts As A Pro And Feeling Her Soft." "Size Matters At The Small Impacts, Excited The Acts Remembering The Schooling And Bob Marley With Back Packs, A Island On High Far Far Away." "You Must Make Sure Then The Feeling Of Being Pure." "Simplicity To The Trust Of What God Allows Just To The Enrichment Of The Mind If Raising The Eyebrows." "Flipping Get Over It And Make Us Happen, To Do It And Push The Limits Of Acting." "You Know What's Right, Just And Moral Insight." "Get A Job To Afford Not Becoming Robbed And Enjoy Work Like Buttered Corn On The Cob." "There Is A Successful Income Claimed With Finances Maintained, A Work With Friends To Not Feel Ashamed." "Then The S In Sin Creates Your Competitors To Win." "Anyone is possibly out of the animosity cunning and crafty inside, a devil that would like to not hide." "The reason multiplied of season magnified to some how create great balance." "Once one is past the fears of loss, restoration and redemption helps pay like a church's cost." "Its told it starts with you though the conversation of money is not the same cue, don't be skewed and in your great enjoyment of division with your devils you'll know what to do." "And The Gift Of Life Succumbs And Digits Numbs." "This Time Heals All Wounds As The Guitar Plays In Tunes, We Are Friends In Joy, Colorful Like Cartoons." "Age Is The Allied Of A Limitless Working Miraculous Unity Of Flow, The Elder Is Some How The Child Just Not Once Known." "God Jesus Is My Friend Found In You And Then Wealthy We Play, Never Late To Meet The Morning Sun Each Day." "My Destiny Reminds The Best Of Me." "Direction Embraced Is The Confidence Upon This Assurance Of Face." "You Are The Power Of Structure Working Combined In These Moments I Cannot Clear You From My Mind." "Destiny Whispering A Best Of Me." "Destiny Whispering The Best Of Me." "Destiny Before Me Not Next To Me." "Innocence Are The Steps Your Giving As Your Soul Sings The Destination Of A Spirit Living." "Destiny Whispering A Best Of Me." "Destiny Whispering The Best Of Me." "The Gift Of Destiny Before Me Not Next To Me." "I Verse I In A Unsettling Mood, I Must Forsake My Rude" "Its Kinda Upsetting The Way It Is, Goodness Interrupted By Another's Another Show Biz, Then The Excuse Takes Place, The Truth Is The Case, You've Gotten It Written All Over Your Face." "Some Of Value Passed Down, Passed Around, But Still One To Many From Another I Found." "I Will Ascend, I Will Decent, I Will Make Sure Your Money Is Well Spent Until You Sell Me Your I, I Verse I But Noooo Not My Own Try." "I Find Dealings With Man I Begin To Understand." "We Good Now Proclaims To Put Another To Shame, Man In Pride To Protect His Name." "A Good Opponent Will Take You To The End, Reality Of Man Not To Mend, Unless Humiliation Is To Become Their Friend." "These Crowns Don't Fit On Big Heads, The Weight Itself Will Create Your Shoulders As Beds." "Distant Strangers In Organized Familiar Fashion, Ready To Treat You With The Almost Long Forgotten Passion" "Militias Walking Around, One Armed Army To Deprive From Your Reproved Frown, A Much Needed Opportunity For Their Sharp Golden Crown." "I've Watch It Get Beaten And Taken Down, Painted And Laughed At Like A Side Show Clown, The Old Familiar Soul Buried In Its Old Familiar Ground, Hope To Hear Past The Resigning Fragile Break Of A Golden Ruby Kings Crowned Sound." -Fight Battles Your Willing To Win.

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