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"You were asking for it" I was in my comfiest And most unattractive attire. "You were asking for it" I hung up the phone, Wishing my love goodnight. "You were asking for it" I was on the chair. He was on the couch. "You were asking for it" He asked to have sex, I replied no, Laughing it off, like it was simply a joke. "You were asking for it" And suddenly came suddenly, everything fell apart. I fell to the ground, Being dragged and pulled by my feet No was not the answer. That he seeked or I could control. This boy I once trusted. Had me pinned down to the floor. I don't have control. My nervous and confused laugh, Turned to screams and cries of terror. Until he held my mouth shut. While he spoke of the most vile plan he had for my new disturbing fate. I don't have control. Kicking for freedom. He reaches his hand down my pants. Then he unzips his. I don't have control. The only heat there was, was the sweat of my struggle, and the heat of his lust. Our hearts were both cold though. He was hard. How could something. That can cause so much pleasure. Can be found in the darkest ways. The boy I once knew. We played solitaire in my car. For three hours. Without a sign that it would come to this. Morning came. Locked away in a room in an empty house. That was the only relief I had. I called my love in the morning of my defeat. Without saying a word of what happened. Silence. I heard his tears. He knew. I forgot. It was my birthday. I was turning 18. Welcome to adulthood. And then a dear friend, Who I came to in need. Told me. "You were asking for it" But I had no control. I had no control. I had no control. I was asking for it. But I had no control.

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