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Forever Again
Scott McElwee
Forever Again Innocent child Pure White dove Feelng Their Touches Craving their love Solitary boy Alone in a trance Watching them play Seeing them dance The spotlight upon him Introspective and bright Praying for forever to end Mothers sweet kisses goodnight A fathers unjust Judgement confusing A spark without tinder His self is reducing Forever seems like a penance His sins self imposed Tomorrows forever His fists always closed Then happiness peace Rebirth understanding In the form of a goddess A fighter still standing As sweet as pure honey Her scandalous feign A dissonance upon him In denial but pain Stealing his heart Betraying his love A snake in t he grass No longer a dove As if a cruel ending To a beginning again Remember regretting All over again He languishes mourning God his only friend Praying forever Forever again


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