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96 "Revolving Revolutions"
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Revolving Revolutions Of The Same Old Same Old Ending Solutions To Boring Mindless Pollutions, No Stimulation Against Aggravations, Penetrations Into The Armor Of Frustrations, Levitations Over The Systematic Same Old Complacent Simple Situations." Pardon Me As I Pardon me Because I Can Hardly See The Moment Of The Animosity About The Cost Of Thee To Look Even Further Into Our Eyes Of This Radical Surprise To Be, Free, We, Surrounding." "Colorful And Bright Just The Way You Like, I Got Another Revolution In Sight, Its Revolving Just Right As We Beam Through The Light, Miss Navigator, Have You Heard Of The Demon Who Rode The Alligator, Itís a Lesser Key Or As A Christian May Put It A Bad Tree." "I'm All Divided Up, Even My Cup, Nothing To Lose For A Arrogant Sup With Another Man, Until Time Lets Loose Of The Stiff Hand And The Mule Its Brand, Hope You'll Understand, After All I Would Love To Be Your, Oh Wait, Lol, Mabye Band Well Help Us The Best It Can, Blah." "Just Revolve In Revolutions With Me."

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