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15 Respectable Transsexual
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Transsexual, Enter Aspectual Non Neglect Able Lecture Able Respectable Some How Edible But Not Quite To The Detestable, Passive But Aggressively Section Able." "Man Dressed Like A Woman Changed To Rearrange The Men's Brains Entertain Like Them Whom They Are Strange." "Hard Like Sin The Christian Would In Time Arguing In The Christian Mind Till The Lover Shows Up With A Moment Of Shut Up And Take Me As I Am, I Am Your Man I Mean Woman." "Oh Who Cares When It's The Name Lover To Bare After All Songs Of Solomon Had Spared The Beloved, So Shove It, Hear At The Lock Of The Door Of The Tranny Who Would Scream I Would Want More Roaming The Streets With Laced Adore, High Heal's, Eagered Feel's And All The More, To Settle The Score Of A Game When Sin Gives Them Thinks Of Win And Any Other Who Dare To Let Them Bring And Draw You In." "Their In The Bars They Drive Their Cars Their Eyes Twinkle Like Star's But They Cannot Be Lead Because Of What's Been Said On The Day Of Birth They Have Rule Over The Woman God Pledge Of Planet Earth, But Do They Rule Themselves, That Is Like Empty Shell's To A Gun That Was Spun For A Shot But To The Target The Bullet Was Never Got, To Interested In What Is Commonly Not, When It Comes To The Love They Bought." "They Have Chose To Hormone As Some Have Chosen To Whore Moan, Groan In Sexual Tone But Its From Their Own Bone That Woman Came From." "How Caught Up In Their Own Same Sex Appeal, Gender Identity For Real, Ask Geraldo In His Show He'll Know To Reveal." "Some Are Shemale All On The Movies And Porn Flicks While Still Some How Are Cheap Tricks When They Chose Between Me And You." "You Might Catch One Trying What's Been Undone Or On The Run, Perhaps In Town Or Up Out Of The Ground Even Though There Porno Bound." "They Are No Doubt The Woman You Can Try To Find In Man Entice You Arouse You As You Misunderstand, That Is What Sexually Those Choose Is Their Best They Can." "They Call It World And Its The Best Of Both, A Woman But Inspect Able A Homosexual, Tranny, Lady Boy, Meat In The Loaf, To The Unknown, The Mind Toy Wrapped Up For A Surprise, If It's Just Sex They Captivate In Their Eyes, In The Bible Do You Hear Men's Cries, Only If Your God, So Who Gave The Big Nod To The Great Big Lies Unless Im Wrong Or Not Odd Enough Inside When We All Have Nature We Can't Hide, Our Lust And Desire That Makes Use Alive, The Confusion That Some How Tried To Stop Such A Coming Together That Was Brought, This Forth Before Thee, Sodom And Gomorrah In The Torah I Got And Those Who Argue About Those Who Were Born To Think The Only Way To Have Sex Is To Have Your Anal Torn, Where Its Legal But If Not You Die But That Is What They Do In This Poetry Story Sexual I.D. Try, That Is What They Call Their Glory." "In My Testament Of Thought This Truth I Got, Leaving It To My Lover I Ought, This Though, The Only One In My Bible I Brought Because If Not I Would Fall Victimless For One, My Christianity Shunned, A Night Of What They Call Shemale Yum, Temporary Fun, A Bullet In A Gun Before The Misunderstood One, Or Should I Say I Or Not In This Respectable Transsexual I.D. Try I Got."

Tags: Colorful

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