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19 Faster Than Light Is My God In Sight
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"You Have Put A Dot On My I, If I Got Your Wing"s I Would Clip Them And Watch You Not Fly." "You Fowl Angel's Who Think Your So Right I Will Have My Protector Around Your Wing"s Tonight." "Your High And Loft's You'll Inhabit No-More, Why Because I'm Shutting The Door." "You've Done Your Job Now Shew, The Sting's In The Night Will Know What To Do." "Out Of The Way, I've Charged You, Out Of The Way Or I Will Have Barged You." "Who's To Say The One Isn't Faster Than Light And Making Me And My Emotions Colorful And Bright, Changing My Shame Into Fame Before The Name Of The Most High, Holy And True Inside." How Many Names Belong To The God, More Than One Religion Without Your Odd, More Than A Mightier Ocean Full Of Cod, While This Fish Has Given The Nod, To Be Caught Up As A Instrument, As A String On A Rod." "But I Will Be Plucked More Than Once And My Tune Will Have More Than One Tone, No Loose Feather To Not Call My Own, My God Will Work So Fast Sadness Will Not Even Be Found To The Bone, Stoned I Might Be For What I Believe But You Will See It Was My Destiny, To Rise From The Sad Catastrophe." "Nothing Can Hold Me Back For It Is His And Hers Strong Hand That Is Intact, Peace Is How I Will React, The Angel, I Mean Angels Cannot Attack." "So Strap Me On And Tie Me Up, To Freedom Like Water In A Cracked Cup, Because With My God Indeed I Do, Indeed I Do Have To Sup." "As The Feathers Fly Around, Upside Down Is My Frown, And The Walls Come Down, I Am Lighter Than A Pound, Silent Is Not The Sound....." Proverbial: "The Godly Make Up God For God Makes Up The Godly."

Tags: Angelic

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