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30 A Vision Of Young Love
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"Water, Runs Downs Her Soft Skin, Innocently Young Yet Some How A Mature Lovely Woman." "The Shape Of Her Curves Rounding About Her Stomach Connecting So Smoothing Her Thighs As The Rest Of Her Body Compliment's." "She Is All The More Cute But Dangerous If She Need's To Be." "She Can Slice With The Sting Of Sin But All The More Gently Bring You In, Loving You, Letting You Touch While She Explores The Thrill Of Such Drawing Door's To Her Curiosity Of Thought, Oh How Curiosity Kill's This Cat, How She Faint's In Thought Slipping In And Out Of Innocence." "Her Virginity Scream's From Somewhere, A Place Of Reflection From Her Lover." "She Is All The More To Be In Steam Mist Of Her Softness Connecting With The Sparkles Of Water." "I Melt My Young Lover, Running Down Like Clear Water That's Been Given Such A Privilege, So Chosen." "Allow My Heart To Thrill With Your's If And When You Are Ever So Willing, To Sing A Song Of Love My Beloved." "Remember Me Un-Chosen Before Our Eyes Meet And How Our Accompany Would Make That Weak." "The Gentle Embrace Of Time Essentiality, With Out, What Stories Would Take Place?" "Your Girl Cries Oh Young Woman And Here There Is No Obscurity, Only Love In Thy Lover And Oneness, Beloved, Youngness." "The Moments Of Gentle Heat Giving Off Warmth Parting The Thrills, These Fills Are The Most Indefinitely Satisfying." "Come, Interest Speaks Allowed, Shame Hidden And Soft Hands Given To A Chin, Raise, Embrace Softly Knowing The Kisses That Belong To A Two, I Could Not Help But To Know You The Moment You Chose Me, My Young Lover." Proverbial: "If You Find A Young Lover And Your Chosen, Enjoy Soft Skin And Innocence Of A New Thrill." "How Beautiful Are The Sight Of Tiny Breast, Nipples That Point Like Towers."

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