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38 When Electronics Meets Muzic
Tommy Lee Thomas Jr.
"When Electronic Meet's Muzic, To Use It, It's Like Thump Thump Thump The Heart Pump As The Inner Bass Speaker, The Subsonic Mind Tweaker, Beat Meter. A Pioneer Of Clear Sound Escapes, Hand Shakes Of Record Deals, Cd Casing Seals, Its Music Meals Wiring Like Electric Eels, Making Colorful Audio Waves Which Whom Enslaves Those Whom Swim In It." "Melody Maker The Spirit, Euphoria Grip's You To Steer It, As You Crank The Volume High, Don't Deny, The Audio Equalizer Watt's, Control Bot's, Tune And Boom To Leave You Fly." "Wobble Wobble Fuzz, Mono E Mono Phaser In Sub's, Keyboard Finger Rub's And A Vox To Knock Your Sock's Off." "JVC You Later To The Noise Hater And Beat Box To The Voice Lost." "What's That Tone Microphone With Your Turntabilist Mixer And Mixtress, No Broken Electronic Where Their Like Fix This, Short Circuit You Miss This, No Train Wreck To Ditch This." "Audio DJ Set And Show, Performance It Sounds Humorous Like The Bass In Your Ears." "Its Electro Funk, Minimal Boom From The Trunk All Fresh And Never Junk." "Rhythm And Pitch With The Power Switch, No Manufacture Glitch Or Bug To Itch." "The Headphones Over All Things Sounding, Bounding To Your Creational Idea's, Art's And Outstanding." "So Plug In To Robotic's, Supersonic's, Gin And Tonic's And Hype The Funk As You Meditate Like A Monk To The Sound Found Rising Up All Around, Your Scene, I Mean. "So Come Clean When You Record, Whip Up A Track When Your Bored Or Passion Accord, Production And More." "Oh Your Such A Stud When I O You This One, Like The Rad I O You From The First One, Door Close And The Chair Spun, The Snake Won't Hiss One When The Speakers Speak And The Birds Beak Peak." "So Break And Shake Your Booty Cause When Your With It Your Such A Cutie." "Harmony And Key Sounds, Chill Sessions, Obsessions As You Step Into Dub." "Because To Find More You Must Lose It, When Electronics Meets Muzic." Proverbial: "A Good Song Brings Joy But One Created, Joy Exceeding The Unspeakable. Watch In Wonders As You Rejoice In Its Maker." "Music Is A Art, Style And Personal Creation"

Tags: Music

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