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The Traveller
The sun beats down on a leather face, The burnt remnants of a trying past. Saddened eyes gazing towards nothing, The empty stare of a life harassed. A single pair of footsteps trailing, Disappearing into the distance. Weighted footprints from a heavy heart, The proof of lonely perseverance. Barely standing on two blood stained feet, Supporting old knees so rickety. A silhouette wavering in wind, The epitome of frailty. Essence escapes from every pore, A heavy musk, reeking of defeat. The remains of a figure once proud, Desire's fire finally obsolete. Well versed in the language of failure, Silent screams, shattered dreams so hollow. The crying sun eternally sets, Dark shadows stretch until tomorrow. A weary soul in search of haven, Quickly rejected by Heaven's Gate. Overcome with exhaustion, yet still, Reluctant to surrender to fate.

Tags: Traveller

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