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MystiQue S'ade
When we fight I'm angry, when I'm alone tears fall and my heart becomes heavy. I have so much to tell you but my mouth and pride won't let me. I feel so dumb when I can't speak. N at night the Quiteness allows the thoughts to eat.. When I get brave n open up I get shot in my mouth. and suddenly I feel what shudnt be felt. sound slows down and colors fade. I am staring into black of every shade.. Breaths are deep as well as the pain. And I punish myself for the things I was saying .. Cause I'm a idiot for speaking such none sense. I apologize that my words have no contents. but on there hand if I stay silent it's a brutial punishment in its self.. and once again I feel the pain I've always felt.. So at this moment I am confused .. And for the craziest reasons I love you.. My hands are tied with my tung. And I won't argue cause u already one the fight or war only because I don't take score.. I leave the tallys up to u but until next time ill remain confused


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