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She lays her head down with a sigh, the time is drawing nigh. How many times must she tell you shes fine before you stop asking? If she wanted to tell you how she actually felt then you wouldn't even feel the need to ask. She feels numb and cold to the bone looking around noticing shes alone she starts to cry, she lifts her hands to her eyes wondering where her life is headed. These are always the times she dreads thinking at all. When you see her like this just walk away dont come back for a couple days because trust me shes not in the mood to be polite and you wont like this side of her. The side that lets the darkness take over for a while drowning in all this vile place she used to call home. She doesnt need you here, she doesnt need to talk to you. All she needs is to be left in this dark room where no one can see the pain shes left hidden away. She'll be ok soon she just has to push herself through her self hatred and potential doom. When you see her next she will be smiling with open arms and you will never know of the tears that hit the ground.


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