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Over and Over.
Leeanne Kinard
I've got the looks of an angel. But I've got the thoughts of the devil. Somebody help. I don't wanna feel this pain. I'm not into the circular, nacassistic game. Over and over. I need a savior. Someone who pull me out of this dark, empty pit. Over and over, it's the same shit. It's the same hopelessness, regret, and suffering. And I can't shake this guilty feeling. I'm not enough. I do most things wrong. I'll never amount to anything. That's what you said. Do you remember? Over and over, you told me these terrible thoughts. You know what's worse. These thoughts turn into actions. What you said became real. And I believe them. Tell me. Are you happy? You passed down your habits. Self destruction. I live for the bottle and the blade. Somebody help me. It won't stop. It's always there. On repeat. Over and over.

MystiQue S'ade
Wow that's deep I feel it