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Lips Have No Limit
Nate Reynolds
let me tell you of her lips/ they take you places you never thought you would go/ like to the moon or the great beyond/ each time is different so you'll never know/ they connect so soft and warm/ you feel her love in every kiss/ they can build you up or break you down/ i had them once, i often got to experience this/ her lips will send echoes through the halls of an empty heart/ send the warmest tingle up your spine/ i am sure there's nothing in this life or the next that compares/ far better than any drug of any kind/ her lips can take you to the himalayas/ standing tall on top of the earth/ her lips will show you true religion/ a feeling of rebirth/ her lips can be a touch of heaven/ they can make a drunk man sober/ her lips are a touch of hell/ when they're gone you'll wish your life was over/ her lips can tell you secrets/ truly make a man out of you/ any man would be lost in awe/ because there truly is no limit to what her lips can do

Tags: lost love

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